Recruiting Services for NCAA Coaches

Combine results, academic info, contact info, social media links, rankings w/ analysis, recruiting articles, and video database of over 1,000 recruits. Continuous real-time data throughout VA, NC, KY, FL, WV, TN, and more!

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Video Editing Services for Recruits

Our team of experts can deliver high quality videos to be displayed across our social media platforms. Contact us for more information.

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The Appalachia Prep Combine is the most trusted source of high school football recruiting throughout the Appalachian region. We specialize in identifying elite talent early so you can get a jump on the competition.

We serve as a player of personnel department for college football programs across the country at a fraction of the cost. We streamline the recruiting process for coaches by providing contact info, athletic info, academic info, social media links, rankings w/ analysis, and video so that you can focus recruiting your key targets and win football games!

We do your grunt work so that you can be efficient and specific in your recruiting efforts.

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