2019 QB Jacob Knight Recruitment Update

By J.T. Powell
Heavily recruited Class of 2019 quarterback, Jacob Knight, from Cave Spring High School brought the APC up to speed with his recruitment process this summer. Jacob is a kid that lights up the room and is easily spotted in big crowds. For example, we were at NC State for the Dave Doeren One-Day Camp last Saturday and was unaware that Jacob was attending, but as we broke for a water break we instantly recognized him towering over other campers. The quarterback who participated in the Elite 11 Regionals in Charlotte and Las Vegas had over 60 requests to attend college satellite camps this summer, and we happened to catch him while working out for the Wolfpack. With his arm talent, mechanics, and high football IQ, it’s hard to tell that Jacob recently turned 17 years old this week.
JT: How has your off-season been going in regards to recruiting?
Jacob: It’s been going really well. After the Elite 11 Charlotte I was contacted by a lot of new schools.
JT: I know you’ve been to the University of Georgia a couple of times. How did those trips go?
Jacob: They were great experiences! I went to their Spring Game and Coach Coley and Coach Johnson were straight with me about where I am on their board. I went back down there at the beginning of this month to throw for Coach Coley and Coach Smart.
JT: When I ask people about Jacob Knight, one theme that consistently comes up is your work ethic. What drives you to work so hard? Jacob: I really want to play at the next level and eventually in the NFL. It’s been my dream since I was a little kid. I’ve always wanted to be able to provide for my Mom and Dad. I love football and I have to work extra hard to be the best . . . not let anybody get ahead of me.
JT: Your team plays a very competitive football schedule each year including 5A and 4A schools such as William Byrd, Pulaski County, Patrick Henry, Blacksburg and Salem. Can you describe how playing a tough schedule each year has helped you become an elite quarterback?
Jacob: We play both 5A and 4A schools every year. It helps because every week is a big game and we have to prepare because we know it’s going to be very competitive. Playing better competition helps you grow since the game is faster and the other teams have great athletes.
JT: I know it’s been a shock to you and your family that you have yet to receive an offer from a Division I school with the tons of requests to work out for college coaches in addition to the many text messages you receive on a daily basis. Has the topic of reclassifying in a private institution ever been discussed at home?
Jacob: We’ve talked about it because you know it’s an option. However, I’ve been with my Cave Spring teammates my whole life. I feel like if I leave I would be disloyal to them. These people are all I know. I don’t want to let them down.
JT: You’ve had three offensive coordinators in three years at Cave Spring. What have you learned from these coaches?
Jacob: Well I’ve learned different offenses and different styles. It’s helped my football IQ. Each OC has shown me different ways to identify defenses and how to read coverages. I’ve also been able to get comfortable playing in the gun and under center. My sophomore year I played under center. My junior year was a mixture of both. It’s taught me different schemes and different ways to play the game. It’s made me a better football player mentally.
JT: You had over 60 request to attend college satellite camps. What went into your decision-making process in choosing which camps to attend?
Jacob: Sometimes if I could even make it there! Some schools are all the way across the country. Other considerations were dates, where I want to be at, schools that stay in the most contact with me, location, coaching staff, if I fit the offense and so forth.
JT: What college camps did you attend this month?
Jacob: Richmond, Duke, JMU, UNC, NC State, Georgia, and Kent State.
JT: I know we’ve talked about some of the coaches you have trained with in the past. For new viewers, can you talk about some of the coaches who have helped develop you?
Jacob: In middle school Coach John McGregor, who was an assistant coach for the Falcons and William Fleming’s former head coach trained me. My freshman year in high school I used to work out with Baltimore Ravens quarterback Josh Woodrum. Josh holds a lot of records at Liberty. For the last couple of years Paul Troth has been a mentor to me and has greatly helped my development as a QB with both the physical and mental aspects of the game.
JT: Who are some of the schools and coaches showing you the most interest?
Jacob: ODU, App State, Georgia, JMU, and UConn. *(Subscribe to see coaches)*
JT: Do you have any schools in interest for official visits?
Jacob: I have a couple of schools in mind but I don’t want to publish it. My parents have been driving me all around the country because coaches want to see me workout. I’ve performed extremely well at several camps. I’ve been asked to come to some school’s multiple times and the coaches text me every day. I have to make sure which schools are really interested in me before I commit to an official visit. There are schools that I believe are genuinely interested in me, but I just want to wait and see.
JT: I saw you received your first offer from UVA-Wise. How did it feel getting that first offer?
Jacob: I was honored and it felt good that someone believes in me and my abilities.
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