2020 APC Postponed Until June 14th

Due to an Executive Order issued by West Virginia's Governor Jim Justice, yesterday which prevents "any outside sports gatherings until June 8th", we have been forced by the City of Bluefield to postpone the 2020 Appalachia Prep Combine until June 14th.

We understand your anger and frustration especially for those of you who have made reservations. The host hotel has been good about issuing refunds up to this point. We have done all that we can to help put on a safe combine for kids in desperate need of exposure. We were fully prepared to put on a safe combine this Saturday, but must wait one more month due to politics and an over reach of government authority. Please be patient with us as we receive mixed messages from all branches of federal, state, and local health and government officials. Last night, everything was ok according to our local officials but overnight that changed with an executive order.

Please be reminded that we have a "no refund policy" due to the nature of our expenses of being a small business with one employee. We have major expenses already paid out that can't be recouped and this is expected for a platform of this size (We are not the NFL, NCAA, university, or major corporation who has the ability to issue refunds. There are major corporations and events that can't issue refunds at this time) which is why we state our no refund policy in bold letters on the registration page. We know that we can't issue full refunds this late during a perfect year due to our expenses of what it cost to put this platform and combine together, and we are much less able to issue full refunds during a COVID-19 year having to cut our registration numbers down by 70%. Therefore, we will not issue refunds at this time, rather everyone will be able to participate safely next month on June 13th as we look forward to putting on this combine in a free country.

In the event of a cancellation on our part, all 2021 players who paid will receive a refund while all underclassman who paid will receive a credit for the 2021 Appalachia Prep Combine. We know this isn't the best policy in the world, but it is the best that we are able to do at this time. We are still fully committed to putting on this combine on June 14th.



(Note: The original title to this post had the makeup date as June 13th. However, Bluefield High School's commencement was scheduled at Mitchell Stadium for the 13th. The new makeup date is June 14th for the 2020 APC.)

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