Coronavirus (COVID-19) Preparedness and Safety for the 2020 APC


As you can imagine, with the coronavirus (COVID-19) being named a global pandemic, we have thought constantly about the safety of our athletes and spectators for the upcoming 2020 Appalachia Prep Combine  scheduled for May 16, 2020.

The Appalachia Prep Combine is a regional high school football combine/showcase featuring elite talent from all around the country. We are working on several things to ensure we are doing our best for you.

  1. Safety: We are implementing best-in-class cleaning procedures at Mitchell Stadium on event day. We will have sanitization and cleaning rules that make sense. All equipment, such as timing equipment and footballs, and any other things athletes may touch will be thoroughly sanitized before the event. In addition, athletes will be required to sanitize their hands before the event and during all break periods.
  2. Participation: All athletes experiencing flu like symptoms a week prior to the event and leading up to the event, are encouraged to stay home and not compete. Furthermore, athletes that show common cold symptoms will be required to wear a isolation mask. If the coronavirus is prevalent in Mercer County during the weeks leading to the event, no person/s will be allowed to enter Mitchell Stadium who have a body temperature of 100 degrees or higher (this includes spectators).
  3. Spectators: We encourage all parents, family members, and spectators who have experienced flu like symptoms a week before leading up to the combine and on event day to stay home. We also encourage spectators to spread out throughout the stadium and not sit next to each other, as Mitchell Stadium seats 12,000 people and we're only expecting about 1,000 to 2,000 spectators.
  4. Vendors: There will be no vendors allowed at the 2020 APC.
  5. Experts: We are speaking with health professionals to keep track of the virus as well as to help us implement best practices on event day.
  6. Other Actions: If the coronavirus (COVID-19) is extremely problematic in the Mercer County, West Virginia area in May we may look to post-pone the event to a later date in June or July.

We know you are concerned about the recent events relating to the coronavirus and we ensure you that we will work diligently to stay up to date with developments. We will communicate with you if any further changes need to be implemented. We appreciate your support and look forward to seeing you in May!

With all my thanks,

J.T. Powell

Founder/Director of the Appalachia Prep Combine

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