2021 Unsigned Senior Showcase

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Welcome to the 2021 Appalachia Prep Combine Unsigned Senior Showcase!

Recruits in the Class of 2021 will have a chance to workout directly in front of college coaches on January 9, 2021 at the Horizons Edge Sports Campus in Harrisonburg, VA.

The combine will include height, weight, broad jump, and pro-shuttle. Expert coaches will put players through a series of position drills before competing in 1-on-1 competition.

Surface – Indoor Turf 

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.S.)

1 – Question: What is the date for the 2021 APC Unsigned Senior Showcase?

Answer: Saturday June 9, 2021.

2 –  Question: What does the testing period consist of?

Answer: 40 yard dash, pro shuttle, and broad jump.

3 – Question: Do participants have to wear facial coverings the entire combine?

Answer: No. Wearing facial coverings are now optional due to the ease of government restrictions.

4 – Question: What should I bring to participate in the APC?

Answer: Shorts, cleats, and your own water bottle.

5 – Question: How many parents can enter the Horizons Sports Campus?

Answer: Please limit family members to three individuals.

6 – Question: Does everyone have to pass a temperature check to enter Horizon’s Sports Campus including parents?

Answer: Yes. The temperature threshold is 100 degrees f.

7 – Question: Do you issue refunds?

Answer: No. Due to the nature of our expenses we have a no refund policy even in light of challenges presented by COVID-19.

8 – Question: If you cancel the APC Unsigned Senior Showcase will you issue a refund?

Answer: Yes. In the event of a cancellation we will refund all 2021 registrants and credit all underclassman for the 2021 APC Unsigned Senior Showcase.

9 – Question: Is this combine open to the general public?

Answer: No. Only select media will be allowed to attend alongside parents.

10 – Question: Can college coaches attend this combine?

Answer: Yes.

11 – Question: Can I participate in multiple positions?

Answer: No. You will only be allowed to check-in with the group that you listed on your application form.

12 – Question: What are the schedule and check-in times for January 9, 2021?

Answer: Parents will be emailed the check-in times and schedule promptly.

Next Steps:

·     Pay for Registration: Early registration fee is $85 on or before December 1, 2020. Late registration after December 1, 2020  is $100  ***(January 5, 2021 Deadline; No Walk-ups)***.


(Please Note: The participation limit is 150 and registration will be closed after we reach that number.)

***Please fill out the attached form or leave a note for which player you are registering. You can also email to let us know which player you are paying for. Include school, position, and class*** 

***Due to the nature of expenses we have a no refund policy*** 


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