WV 20′ WR Starting to Open Eyes

Chance Knox vs. Samuel Fort (Photo by: Marcus Constantino)
Class of 2020 WR, Chance Knox, discussed his rise to becoming the APC’s #3 WR. He also talked about the recent happenings in his recruiting process. The Charleston, WV native has had a great camp circuit this off-season competing against elite competition. At the APC, Knox surprised coaches by winning at the line of scrimmage during 1-on-1s and coming down with some difficult catches.
By J.T. Powell
JT: You had a really big day at the APC really surprising a lot of coaches! Can you walk me through your day?
Chance: Got out there felt like I could just do my thing like I always do. I felt I tested well, and then got into some drills and everything. I was able to get out there in 1-on-1s and played inside and outside and fortunately made it to the showcase.
JT: Our APC wide-receivers coach Ansel Ponder told me last night that you were the best route runner in the state arguably. How do you respond to that?
Chance: It’s an honor to hear it coming from him! He played college football, so to hear it coming from him is an honor.
JT: What attributes make you a great receiver, and why should colleges recruit you?
Chance: Really working on the little things, if they do try to jam me, I try to get off the ball with quick routes and get separation with cuts. I am versatile and can be a threat downfield and I’m also a reliable possession receiver.
JT: What schools are you receiving interest from?
Chance: Early right now, not talked to a whole lot of guys yet where I’m a sophomore. I’ve received mail or interest from WVU, Marshall, EKU, Miami of OH, and Morehead State.
JT: Do you have any visits scheduled?
Chance: I plan on attending WVU’s camp and Marshall’s this summer. Other than that we’ll see what happens.
JT: What are your goals for next season?
Chance: I just want to be a better WR for our team. Want to be able to improve my numbers and get more touchdowns.
JT: What is your GPA?
Chance: 4.13
JT: Who are you working out with this off-season?
Chance: Just team workouts, also with Matt Downey who played at Marshall.
JT: Are there any schools that you’d like to hear from?
Chance: Wake Forest, VT, Maryland, whoever comes after that.
Scouting Report
Chance was the best route runner at the APC and won most of his match-ups in 1-on-1s against players who already possessed D-I scholarships. Knox is skilled at beating press-coverage, stacking DBs, and creating separation. He started in the slot for Capital High School as a sophomore last season. His team made it to the WV AAA Semi-Finals in 2017.

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